Last day (31.07.2015)

Today is our last day as a group L. Because of our really long, exciting sleepover downstairs, everyone was extremely tired this morning. After we had breakfast, we had a time to pack our bags and clean our rooms. The AWESOME camp leaders decided to surprise us by taking us to the Läderach chocolate factory for our last day… typical Swiss.. Everyone had so much fun eating endless amounts of chocolate. Once we returned back to the hostel, we were able to say our goodbyes and thank you‘ s to all the Lions that made the camp so wonderful. Tonight will be a long and sleepless night as we prepare to say our last goodbyes and return to our countries. Many thanks to all the people who have been involved in the activities we did, especially the Lions Clubs! We’ll miss Switzerland.


Versuchsstollen Hagerbach, crossbow shooting and the old post museum (29.07.2015)

Dear Diary, it’s Alexandar and Tiia writing 🙂

Today we had organized day by Lions Club Bad Ragaz and it was a lot of fun. We woke up early, at around 7 o’clock and had breakfast from 7.15 to 7.45. It was a big surprise when we were all in the bus at the time (even Karol). After 45 minutes of driving we arrived at Versuchsstollen Hagerbach and had a tour in the mines. There were some boring parts but later we had an opportunity to do crossbow shooting and competed between each other. Winner was our camp leader Aaron and I use this opportunity to congratulate him for almost perfect shooting. Later we had lunch and experienced bomb explosion in mines.
After a quick walk on the Steinbockpfad we headed back to the bus and drove to the Postmuseum Weisstannen and visited one of the first posts in Switzerland which is now a museum with really interesting exhibitions. We had a drink there, walked around the museum and thanked to Lions for really exciting day they arranged us. We really met some new people and hope to stay in touch with them. 🙂

When we came back to Rapperswil Lions Club Viaduct joined us and we spent some time being creative and preparing some balls. It was so funny!

Looking forward for tomorrow and not so looking forward for our last day together.

Tiia and Alexandar

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Today we had breakfast at 7:15.We had to leave with the bus from the Hostel at 8:00.

From today we had a new rule that we always have to be on time, otherwise we will be put on a list that makes us clean the whole Hostel on our last day here. The bus drove to Flumserberge and there we met with a few people from the Lions Club Walensee. They had planned the whole day for us in the mountain so we started by taking a little cable car until we reached a restaurant and had a coffee. After that, we participated in a very thrilling climbing program for two and a half hours. We could try climbing on different kinds of obstacles, go zip lining, play mini golf, do wall climbing and lots of other fun. We then took another cable car that took us to Prodalp for lunch. There we ate the St. Gallen sausages with onion sauce and Rosti. After we hiked for one hour through the heavy and cold fog, we stopped at another restaurant in order to have treasure ice cream and a chocolate bar. We then hiked again to a SUPER AWESOME roller coaster in the mountain where we could go as fast as we choose and it was so much fun. Everybody had a great time. After and exhausting but fun day we went home and had dinner and had a free night.

Best Regards,

Glodis and Vanda and DaisyDSC_0135 DSC_0146 DSC_0148 DSC_0150 DSC_0156 DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0166 DSC_0190 DSC_0207 DSC_0906 DSC_0908 DSC_0914 DSC_0920 DSC_0935 DSC_0941 DSC_0955 DSC_0969

Farm Day! (27.07.2015)

Today we went to the farm. Due to it, all of us woke up at 4:15 in the morning. Although we woke up so early, we still excited about going to the farm.

The air was so fresh and cold when we arrived there. But we still see various animals were so interesting. Especially cows were impressive! Also, the dog was so friendly to us while we was playing with it.

First, we were separated to four groups for visiting different parts of the farm. Some people went to make their breads, the others went to see the progress of ice cream making, another went to see how to get the milk from cows also to see their ways of life. After those procedures, we had the fresh milk and nutritious food from the farm. Then we designated our motherlands on the map. It`s quite interesting to show them where our countries located at.

Those animals are really funny and cute! Everybody liked it, for example, some girls would like to get pigs. Especially we were delighted to take a part in competitions. This made us very cooperated.

After this all, members of the camp had really a great time: we had a very unforgettable and delicious BBQ for lunch, and we had sunbath and singing games which are crazy and amazing with our favourite also famous songs “Let it go “, “Yesterday” of The Beatles and “Shake it off”. We had even the backing dancers!

We all pretty enjoyed the whole progress of visiting the farm. It`s more interesting than our high anticipations.

Alexandra and Lori

IMG_2937 IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2943 IMG_2945 IMG_2950 IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2962 IMG_2974

Visitor’s Day (26.07.2015)

Today we woke up at 8, had breakfast and prepared for visitors day. At first we cleaned our rooms, then we cleaned the rest of the house and prepared our speeches. We hung up our posters and the big world map. One group had to redo their picture from the day before, for the picture competition, because one of the leaders accidentally deleted all of the pictures from last day. 
Then we had lunch at 12 and from here on, we only waited for the visitors to come. Some people were greeting them in the entrance and handing out a world quiz about all of our posters. There were 27 questions, and they could find all the answers on the posters. After a warm welcome, we invited all visitors to a room where we made a personal presentation about our countries. We first had to introduce ourselves by speaking our mother language, then we translated it and continued in english with a little speech about, what we found the most important about our own country. We all had to put up our country on the world map, to see where we come from around the world. After the presentations, the visitors could walk around to our posters and ask more questions about our country, if they were interested. We had some cold and warm drinks, ice-cream cake and some specialities from Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand. We made some reunion family pictures and said the final goodbyes to our families and guests. Hereafter we cleaned everything up. We had some spare time where some had a nap, some watched TV and some went to the lake.

Then we ate dinner at 19.00 and now were are going to a meeting about the day tomorrow where we are going to a farm.

Best regards, Liva and Rikke

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Preparation for visitors day!

Hi! Its Ana, Karol and Christina here to write the daily report !

Today is saturday, and this means we are short on time for the Visiter Day.

Thats why we woke up early and had our breakfast from eight to nine.

Soon afterwards we were called to a meeting and divided into four groups. Those had to respectively fulfil following tasks : We had to sign thank-you cards, make posters about our countries, compete in a picture competition (A funny one, a group one and a typical swiss one) and stencil our countries to later colour them.

The program started at 9.30 and the groups were supposed to change stations at set times before lunch.

After Lunch (Schnipo)  our program continued until 14.55. During that time all the groups were finished with their tasks and could work on their presentations or enjoy their free-time. At that time a woman from England visited the hostel, searching for her lost phone. Unfortunately we could not help her, as we have no access to the other guest rooms.

Right now we are writing this repport before dinner and planned activities. We are going to play some games prepared by the leaders and get information about Visitor Day.

Its a day where our host families & other Lions members vist our camp to learn more about our countries and see how we are doing. Also we will see who is the winner of the photo competition.

We are super excited for tomorrow and looking forward to meeting them again!

Have a great day!

Ana, Karol and Christina.

DSC_0840 DSC_0848 DSC_0854

Geberit, being at the lake, island Lützelau, dragonboat (24.07.2015)

We began our day at the Gerberit Toilet Factory. Our bus was missing so we walked in the nice morning weather. At the factory we had a guided tour around the machines. Because the machines were loud, our tour guide distributed these weird headphones that looked like a doctros stethoscopes. We learned about Geberit’s ecological influence and their sustainable development, and yes, it was as exciting as it sounds. They also do many projects around the world helping under developed countries access running toilets and maintaining clean water. We watched a short video where a group of employees traveled to South Africa and fixed the water system in the local school. Seeing the children’s smiling faces warmed our hearts. After the video we enjoyed sandwhiches and sodas at the factory before we were on our way to our next activity, but first, we had to try the toilets. Some of us even found a controller which insured both real clensing and drying on the toilet.

After our facotry tour we had some time to relax and enjoy ourselves in Rapperswil. Some played beach volleyball and swam in the lake, while others visited the local zoo or the enjoyed minigolf course nearby. Since one of the guys purchased a blow up swimming pool earlier, the swimmers had fun with it on the lake. After our activities we walked to a dock to show our competitive sides in a dragon boat race. A dragon boat is a long canoe with a drum in the front. We were split into two teams, and both were sure they would be the winner. After a hard competition, The Odd Ones won by a landslide. The race led us to a small island where we enjoyed a friendly game of football and a delicious bbq. Bad luck struck and a thunderstorm hit the island, leaving us stranded because of the rough water. It was too wavy to race back in our dragon boats but thankfully a motor boat arrived to bring us back in small groups. All in all it was a day filled with fun and laughter in the end.

Brynjar / Ellie

DSC_0751 DSC_0759 DSC_0771 DSCN0550 DSCN0553 DSCN0556 DSCN0558 DSCN0559

Bakery, Ufnau, trip to Rapperswil (23.07.2015)

Hi everyone! This was fifth day in Camp. Today, we woke up early because the Bell rang so loudly from the church. We had our breakfast as usually. It started around 8am. After that, at around 9am, all of us had to fill in the form before we go to visit Romer’s house bakery. When we arrived there, they welcomed us warmly. We took a break with many breads and drinks. And then, we divided in 2 groups. The first group went to make a bread dough first and then the second group done it in the same way. Next, we went to look the process in bakery factory. The bakery is very awesome!! Someone said that it like magic. After finish visiting Romer’s house bakery, we went to Linthwerk to know about its history. It’s was not the chocolate!! It was a river. And then we had lunch on the boat. The boat flowed on the Zurich Lake. We can sightsee around there. That was really beautiful!! The boat stopped at Ufnau Island. All of us were going to have a ice-cream, and tour around island. It was like mysterious island. And we came back to Rapperswil by The boat. Next, we had a sightseeing tour with the best guide in Rapperswil. So we divided in 2 groups again for easy to tour in there. After that, we took a small break and then go to have a visit in radio Zürisee. They showed us the working in studio. Everybody was crazy about the DJ, Marco so much. When we finished it, we went back to our camp hostel. At evening, we have a special dinner. Pizza !!!!!!! 😀 Everybody will enjoy at this!! Have a good night and some sweet dreams!!

Siew Yuin (Abby),Tarn

DSC_0532 DSC_0552 DSC_0569 DSC_0606 DSC_0666 DSC_0668 DSC_0670 DSC_0688 DSC_0705 DSC_0721 IMG_0534 IMG_7205 Romer_1

Free Day (22.07.2015)

Today we had a free day and spent it having a great time. We all had an opportunity to sleep longer, breakfast later than usual, and we divided into few groups with different plans for spending the afternoon. Few guys had seen their favorite football club Borussia Dortmund few days ago so they had a chance to attend an open training in Bad Ragaz. They came back with a bunch of pictures with their favorite players. 
Alexander together with Defender Marcel Schmelzer of Borrussia Dortmund

Aaron together with Erik Durm of Borussia Dortmund


All the other people were offered with a daily trip to Zurich with Annika who had been raised there so she was a „great guide“. A small group was even able to ride an elefant in the zoo of Rapperswil (picture will be posted soon!)! Many came back with all kind of souvenirs as watches or chocolate.


Some people decided to stay in Rapperswil the whole day so they went to the lake and had a lot of time to rest and get ready for action tomorrow. It was really great to have a free day and now all the guys are full of energy for the next days.

(Some more pictures of this day will be posted as soon as possible!)

Canoeing trip (21.07.2015)

After a tiring yesterday we woke up today at 7 AM. We all had our breakfast at 8:30AM where we celebrated Louay’s 18th birthday by singing the birthday song and wishing him. As per the daily routine we boarded our bus within the deadline at 9:20 all excited for Kayaking. After about one hour we reached Bremgarten. We walked down for 5 mins and reached the lake side where Adriana and Jonny, our guides were waiting for us. They explained in detail all the instructions we had to follow while kayaking. Soon we organised ourselves into a groups of two and three members and were inflating our boats .Raring to go, we changed into our swimming suits and dragged our boats down to the lake. Jonny was at the front guiding us about the directions to take while Adriana remained at the back to ensure no one was left behind. Then it was just pure happiness and fun as we did kaykaying for 2 ,5 hours, throwing water with the paddles and trying to beat each other. When we reached on the land Annika had arranged for a small birthday party by the lake side for Louy. We all cheered for him by drinking fake champagne and gorging on chips followed by lunch. After lunch most of them went for a swim, while others relaxed by the lake side. Then we boarded the bus with tired hands but some great memories and drove back to our camp at around 6 PM. Once back we took shower and had our dinner at 8PM which was followed by the meeting wherein our group leaders spoke about the itinerary fort he next day and which ended on a yummy note as we ate delecious cake as a part of Louay`s birthday celebration. Then it was free time for us till we went to sleep with some great memories of the amazing day we had spent!

We are very thankful to everyone who contributed towards making the day so amazing and enjoyable for us and offcourse our lovely group leaders, Annika, Audrey, Aaron and Martin.

Shourya and Momoka

DSCN0392 DSCN0401 DSCN0416 DSCN0431 DSCN0448 DSCN0457 DSCN0461 DSCN0463 DSCN0474 DSCN0483 DSCN0490 DSCN0498 DSCN0504 DSCN0519